Children’s Room Decor: Animal Theme

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Since the eighties, biologists are studying our affinity to animals and other living things. They basically came up with the same ideas we know, since the beginning of the time: they are cute and cuddly and we love them. All jokes aside, nature and animal kingdom can be a very important factor in your child’s development and learning process, starting from a very young age. This is why schools and preschool facilities always tend to have stuffed animal toys lying around, and why most of the first toys that your baby is going to get is actually some form of a cuddly animal. It stimulates their empathy, social development and growth.

It’s really hard to remember how we used to react to animals. Once you grow up, you value them for what they can give and provide, but even then 27% of us actually feel strong empathy and connection only because of their appearance. The kids, however, are connecting on a whole different level. It’s more a matter of instinct and sympathy – especially when you introduce them to the wildlife animals, of course not literally, but children actually identify with their characteristics and abilities and often fantasize about them. This is important for personal growth and developing imaginative capability, which will become crucial when it comes to learning new things. For the sake of your kid’s happiness, you should consider indulging them and fill their room with lions, zebras, elephants and all sorts of wild animals. We are talking about decorations, of course, not the actual wilder beasts. Here is how you can make your child’s room fun and animal friendly.


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Shapes on walls

You can always try your talents on for size and sketch something yourself. If the result is making your child cry instead of smiling, we have some a solution for that too. Simply find colorful images in high resolution and print them at your local print service shop as stickers. This is a cheap and a good enough solution, but if you want something of higher quality you can actually ask right there in the printing shop if they can design it for you. Today, with 3D printers and modern software designs it is just a matter of few minutes and the service is more than affordable. The great thing is to have your child involved in the learning process without having them noticing your little plan. By simply putting a giraffe on the wall, you can measure their growth, teach them the basics of measurements, and have fun while doing it.


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Beds and carpets

Every store has that selection of beds that are also some type of lions and rabbits at the same time, but you can also find some simple covers with motives of your child’s favorite animals. We all had that one teddy we loved having in our bed to guard us while we sleep, and if your kid has any difficulties with sleeping alone, this might be a great way to encourage them to do so. And don’t forget the carpet! Your child will love having the same motive on the floor to play on, and it’s keeping them warm at the same time. So take a look at some kids rugs and find a matching one for their room.

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This is the easy part. Simply take your child to the store and let them run wild. If your kid is still a toddler, you might want to choose some educational toys with animal motives, as we’ve already discussed how it can stimulate their learning motivation. Maybe you can even get a wooden toy horse. That is something that will surely last and even the grandkids will enjoy it. And your child will have a beautiful memory for a lifetime.

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