Animal Sounds

Happy one year old boy lying with many plush toys
I’m having a lot of fun with the Toddler lately, as we enjoy making animal sounds. I have learned a lot from him in this regard. For example, did you know that cows actually scream MOO? They don’t just moo, they put their whole heart and soul into it. Sometimes they scream because “dey angy cow,” but sometimes they are just really, really passionate.

Alligators apparently open and close their mouths silently, cheeks slightly puffed in a way that I always imagined to be more fish-like. But no, fish actually don’t move their mouths at all—only their hand-fins, flapping open and closed over their noses.

Things that roar include: lions, tigers, bears, and “angy dagons.” I’m not sure where he met any angry dragons, but they clearly made a strong impression.

Owls hoot, horses neigh, and sheep maaaaaa. Goats are apparently horses, and neigh as well.

Pigs snort. I admit, this is one of my favorites. Let’s be honest, no pig in the world has ever said “oink,” so I’m proud of my baby for calling it like it is.

Chickens “bock,” birds “tweet,” and ducks “FWACK.” Yes, FWACK. All caps, every time.

But the best? I thought of asking him what does the fox say, just to see, but I changed my mind. I asked him what the wolf says, instead.

What does a wolf say?


Toddlers. I think they should teach. I could listen to their opinions all day long.

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