5 Benefits of Aloe Vera

aloe vera juice with fresh leaves
At Mom of 11, we’re always interested in learning more about natural remedies. With summer still going strong, we thought now would be a good time to discuss the reported benefits of Aloe Vera.

The funny thing about Aloe Vera… it is such an interesting plant. As a kid, I remember being so intrigued by the “gel-stuff” inside of its leaves. I would constantly tear apart the plant and end up getting in trouble with my mother for ruining it. Sorry Mom!

Fast forward to being an adult and you realize just how great this succulent truly is. Aloe Vera has both internal and external benefits. It contains over 200 active components, including amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, polysaccharide, and fatty acids. Having said that, it is clear why this plant is so versatile.

Take a look at these five reported benefits below. By the end, we guarantee that you will be just as intrigued (and in love) with this plant as we are.

#1: Aloe may aid digestion. Yes, aloe can be ingested… but not just any kind of aloe. Aloe Vera juice can be purchased and ingested with hopes to help with digestion. It is reported to both soothe and cleanse the digestive tract. Word on the street is that it is also a great regulator for individuals with constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.

#2: Aloe may help detox. Since Aloe Vera is a gelatinous plant food, one of its main reported benefits is helping absorb toxins through the intestinal tract. This may not only helps to eliminate waste from your body, but also detoxify.

#3: Aloe may help boost the immune system. As mentioned before, aloe vera juice can do the body good (in moderation). In fact, the polysaccharides in the juice stimulates macrophages, white blood cells that may help fight against viruses. Alongside this benefit, aloe also has a high antioxidant level, which can also help free radicals in the body.

#4: Aloe Vera may help skin during recovery. Most people know aloe for its soothing properties when it comes to skin issues. Bug bites, burns, abrasions, and even psoriasis can benefit from the topical use of aloe. It acts as an analgesic, which can relieve the pain from these types of wounds. Also, aloe is 99% water, which is great for hydration, moisturizing, and skin rejuvenation.

#5: Aloe may help reduce inflammation. Aloe Vera contains 12 substances that can help reduce inflammation. Painful joints? Aloe Vera may be worth a shot.

Did you realize that Aloe Vera was so versatile?



Please Note: These are reported benefits. We are not here to replace medical advice, so please speak with your doctor if you have further questions or concerns about Aloe Vera.

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